Abuse survivors outraged by delays in Royal Commission Inquiry findings

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LiveNews Publisher. (March 27, 2024 Wednesday). Australia - Abuse survivors outraged by delays in Royal Commission Inquiry findings.

Abuse Survivors are outraged by yesterday's announcement that the Abuse in Care Royal Commission of Inquiry will delay its findings till June.

Last week, the Court of Appeal heard a challenge to an earlier High Court ruling dismissing a claim for Judicial Review made by the Jehovah's Witnesses.The Court has been asked by Ministers to delay its Inquiry findings until the judicial process is complete, enraging abuse survivors.

The case explored the legality of the Inquiry's scope being extended to include faith-based institutions.

Shine Lawyers clients include those who have been abused in multiple institutions including the Jehovah's Witness Church, The Salvation Army, Presbyterian and Catholic Churches. These clients have made submissions to the Royal Commission in hope of seeking justice for the wrongdoing they have endured.

Mobeena Hills, Special Counsel at Shine Lawyers, said, "the point of the Royal Commission is to hear abuse survivors and to let them know that their stories were listened to."

"It's deeply upsetting that the justice that thousands are waiting for has been further delayed by an institution that many allege was responsible for their trauma."

"We stand in solidarity with our clients who are deeply disappointed by the delay in the Royal Commission's findings.

"Many abuse survivors have waited decades for justice. Trust is critical for them as it is something quickly eroded when you're abused in the care of others. We hope the Royal Commission will take that responsibility seriously and deliver these findings expeditiously," she said.

The Government has granted an additional short extension for delivery and asked the Royal Commission to deliver the final report to the Governor-General no later than 26 June.

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