What makes the Jehovah's Witnesses sect dangerous?

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Beyond the obvious reasons that make any sect dangerous, such as the control they have over the lives of their followers and the isolation they subject them to in order to keep them away from external influences, Jehovah's Witnesses have a series of rules and beliefs that not only pose a risk to the lives of their followers (such as the fact that they reject blood transfusions) but also entail serious problems for coexistence with others.

This is clear from the words of Enrique Carmona, former follower and secretary of the Spanish Association of Victims of Jehovah's Witnesses. "According to them, they are the only true religion and the other Christian religions are part of the prostitute foreshadowed in the apocalypse, which they call the great whore. They say it like that and they remain so broad," he explains with indignation. "They don't know what respect for others is."
"I mean, they have been instilling hatred in society for a long time and especially in its members, who see people that way," he adds. "You, me and the rest of the 8 billion or so people on Earth, we are of the world..... Of Satan's world, that's what they say in their meetings. And they, only they, belong to the Kingdom of God," he recounts after having belonged to the congregation for 45 years.
Enrique was born into a family of Witnesses and left after they tried to get him to stop talking to his father, decades after he was disfellowshipped, because of a new rule (more on how they change the rule at will later) that had been dictated from New York. This cost him his marriage and also his relationship with his eldest daughter, with whom he has barely had a relationship for 15 years.
As he assures us, "the deep understanding of what it means to be" one of them "is only achieved by being on the inside, and especially when you want to get out." "You see them standing in the street, previously with some trolleys, going from house to house, very nice people, very correct people (with the intention of capturing, of course).... But the background and the language they have is brutal," he exclaims. "We, those of us who have not gone out and who are publishing what is going on in there, are called apostates."
"The word apostate means to get out, so much for that," he admits. "But if you look at where the word apostate comes from in their publications, it is always accompanied by the figure of a person who is the dregs of society.... Of drug addicts, of drunks, of people lying in the streets.... In other words, we are the worst of society." "The word apostate is correct according to the dictionary of the Royal Academy. We have gone out of a religious or political idea. But when they say someone is an apostate, it is an alert."
Changing rules
Jehovah's Witnesses change their rules and beliefs as appropriate at any given time. They have done so throughout their history when - for example - the day has come when the world was supposed to end and it hasn't happened. "Failing is a problem because their followers say: hey, this didn't come. But then they start inventing another new argument to keep people," Enrique points out.
"The headquarters has a department, what would be a governing body - which they call the governing body, and which they used to call the faithful and discreet slave of Jesus Christ - which is in charge of defining and disseminating the new beliefs or teachings," he explains. "They modify them as it suits them, it's a disaster. They are changing and driving people crazy, continuously," he asserts.
"One example: in the 1960s, certain sexual behaviors within marriage were forbidden. In the 1970s, those same intimate behaviors were tolerated and were of free conscience. In the 1980s, they are back to what they were in the 1960s (all forbidden). In the 1990s, it was over and they left freedom of conscience to people," he points out. "But until then they were regulating your intimacy with your wife," he exclaims.
According to them, they are the only true religion and the other Christian religions are part of the prostitute foreshadowed in the apocalypse, which they call the great whore. And they, only they, belong to the Kingdom of God. The blood controversy
The same has happened with another controversial topic, that of blood. As Enrique Carmona explains to us, the guidelines coming from New York have also been changing in recent decades. "In the 80s, blood was sacred and could not enter the body under any circumstances. Neither blood nor blood derivatives (red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets...)". And, as a result,"many people died".
"At that time, the anti-tetanus drugs were with blood derivatives (until the totally synthetic ones came out)," he explains. "And there were people who died because they didn't get the tetanus shot." "Eventually that changed and parts of the blood could be accepted. But the dead people who had died.... Those were already dead. For him, the interpretation of the Bible that has been made in this regard is "twisted".
"They said: blood transfusion is forbidden by the Bible. But the word transfusion never appears in the Bible," he exclaims. "Moreover, it mentions that a person can eat an animal that is not bled under certain circumstances, such as the danger of dying or getting sick," he explains. "But, curiously, that biblical text is never quoted."
The head office has a department, which would be a governing body that is in charge of defining and disseminating new beliefs or teachings. They modify them as it suits them, it is a disaster. They are changing and driving people crazy, continuously. Dangerous inventions
"In the law of Moses, there was the possibility that when a hunter went out, had not found a game for several days and found the remains of a mule - for example - that had been attacked by another animal, he could eat the meat of that mule that had not been properly bled to save his life," he points out. "Why can't Jehovah's Witnesses today accept blood to save their life?" he asks. "The history is that they have been inventing things that have made them dangerous. A person can die from not taking blood," he says.
"In the same way, a person can fall into depression or anxiety, even suicide, the moment his family rejects him completely because he has stopped being a Jehovah's Witness," he adds. "That's what I mean when I say they are a dangerous cult. It's not because they are gun thugs. But there are many people who have committed suicide because of these things". Enrique gives us as an example the case of a nephew of a governor who was expelled a year ago for being homosexual. "He was so depressed that he went into depression and committed suicide.
He also tells us about the case of a member of the association who - now 70 years old, after being "someone important" within the congregation and leaving a few years ago - "still cries every day". "He lost his whole family, who are still inside," he assures us. "This man has the emotional fortitude to keep going, but many others fall by the wayside," he says regretfully. "So I will continue to say, for these causes and some more, that Jehovah's Witnesses are a dangerous cult."

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