Hospital allowed to give blood transfusion to Jehovah's Witness

The High Court has made orders allowing a hospital to give a blood transfusion, if necessary, to a member of the Jehovah s Witness faith.

The order was made yesterday by Mr Justice Tony O Connor who said he accepted the patient s life may be on the line and that he may require a blood transfusion.

The patient, a young man who cannot be identified for legal reasons, is currently in intensive care unit following a serious road traffic incident.

Jehovah's Witnesses' victims go on the attack: "They have destroyed the lives of thousands of people"

The sentence that endorses the criticism of the Jehovah's Witnesses by former members has given wings to the victims' association. At a press conference in Madrid this Monday, the representatives of those affected by the "control" practices of this congregation, legally recognized in Spain, have announced that they will ask the Government to reconsider its consideration of "notorious roots" and the implementation of a specific regulation on sects. "This confession has destroyed the lives of thousands of people.